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Board of Trustees

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Washoe County CASA Foundation in a big way? 

We're expanding our Board and accepting applications for new Board members.  Please click on the below buttons to learn more about how you can join us. When you're ready to send in your application, email it to

Advisory Committee Members

Elisa Ross, Jenna Dewar, Ron Lushar, Samantha Reviglio

Past Board Members

Kendra Bertschy, Howard Buchler, Amy Saathoff, Candy Borrego, Elisa Ross,

Erika Mendoza, Fay Miccile, Franz Braun, Helm Lehmann, Greta Jensen

Jill Greiner, Jenna Dewar, Jill Baty, Joel Barber, Johnye Colling, Kathleen Baker, 

Kevin Ryan, Meg Kennedy, Michael Kattlemann, Michael Moreno, Mike Antonucci,

Myra Sheehan, Nathan Kanute, Nicole Alberti, Pam Alvey, Phil Bushard, Phil Ulibarri, 

Rayna Brachmann, Ron Luschar, Sharon Zadra, Sheila Leslie, Suzanne Ramos, Torrey Hood