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Prevent Child Abuse

The Washoe County School District High School Honor Choir's performance of "You Will Be found" is a beautiful representation of our message: children are important, those abused will be found and supported by our community.

The Washoe CASA Foundation is partnering with local preschools, child welfare organizations, businesses, and law enforcement to raise awareness to keep our children safe.  Child abuse occurs at every socioeconomic level, across ethnic and cultural lines, within all religions and all levels of education. Wear blue and support the safety of our children.

#GoBlueNV   #PinwheelsForPrevention

  • Children in Foster Care In Washoe County
    Children in Foster Care In Washoe County


  • Children with a CASA
    Children with a CASA


  • Current CASA Advocates
    Current CASA Advocates


  • You can be the ONE we need!
    You can be the ONE we need!


News & Notes

New CASA Volunteers Sworn In!

Nine New CASA Volunteers for Washoe County

On Wednesday April 7, 2021 at noon, a new group of Washoe County CASA Volunteers was sworn in via Zoom.  Just prior to raising their right hands, Family Court Judge Paige Dollinger reminded the group of nine just how much their services are needed and valued by the Washoe CASA Program, the Washoe CASA Foundation, our community and the children in foster care for whom they will advocate. 

Congratulations Volunteers!