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Book Club author David Ambroz -- July 18 will discuss his memoir, A Place Called Home.

We are excited to welcome our recent Annual Conference keynote speaker and current Book Club author David Ambroz on July 18 to discuss his memoir, A Place Called Home.

A Place Called Home is a personal account of Ambroz’s early life of poverty & homelessness. Ambroz endured begging, bathing in public restrooms, and foster care, where he experienced further abuse that was compounded because of his sexuality. The book is an against-all-odds success story—David made it out, went abroad, earned a life-changing scholarship to Vassar College, and went on to graduate from UCLA School of Law.

Written with lyricism and compassion, A Place Called Home depicts childhood poverty and homelessness as it is experienced by so many young people who have been systematically overlooked and unprotected. It is at once a gripping personal account of deprivation—how one boy survived, and ultimately thrived—and a resounding call for readers to move from empathy to action.

David will join us to talk about his story and advocacy work for children in foster care.

  • Author discussion and Q&A: July 18, 10 am PT // 1 pm ET

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