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Theta connects CASA/GAL mission to London-based foundation

Katherine Beard – a 20-year-old sophomore at Colorado College

Katherine Beard – a 20-year-old sophomore at Colorado College – knows the importance of social impact through engagement. So, when the trustees of a foundation created by members of her family reached out to her asking about nonprofits she supports, she quickly told them about the CASA/GAL mission.

 “I’m impressed by how many volunteers there are making a difference in the lives of people,” said Beard, a film major, minoring in Spanish and journalism. “I’m just so amazed at the impact (CASA/GAL volunteers) make as advocates, supporters and role models.” 

Beard first learned about CASA/GAL work when she rushed for the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity, whose members, she said, are now her core friends and supporters. As a long-standing impact partner with National CASA/GAL for Children, the Kappa Alpha Theta collegians and alumnae, for over 30 years, have provided critical support for and partnership with National CASA/GAL and their nationwide network of programs.

But the Thetas weren’t Beard’s only connection. Her aunt, film producer Isabelle Georgeaux, serves as president of the Bleu Blanc Rouge Foundation (BBRF), an independent, grant-making foundation seeking to transform the life chances of the most vulnerable children, teens and young adults. They provide funding to projects and charities that share their focus on providing safety, stability, love and empowerment to vulnerable young people and who are working to transform the systems that are needed to support them to thrive.

Through Beard’s recommendation – and further endorsements by her cousins – the BBRF board approved an initial “learning grant” to provide unrestricted funding to advance the work of National CASA/GAL’s mission, with the possibility of future support.

Beard said she is “lucky to have had so many positive influences” in her life. This includes her mother, a trustee of BBRF, who, she said, “has always taught me… to treat people the way I would want to be treated and to get involved in as much I can to make a difference.” She has a message for CASA/GAL volunteers, too.

“Thank you for all you do,” said Beard. “Don’t lose sight of the difference you make in the lives of children.”