Who We Are

The Washoe CASA Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. We work closely with our local CASA Program to promote CASA volunteerism and provide funding and support for the needs of CASA children.

The Washoe CASA Foundation, which is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees, works to secure resources for CASA by creating partnerships and relationships within the community.

What We Do

Washoe CASA Foundation provides funding for volunteer training, recruitment, and community awareness.  The Foundation’s financial support has enabled CASA volunteers to secure needed services for their child such as after school tutoring, paying for a recreational program, or purchasing clothes or school supplies. These “extras” give a child a sense of value and importance.

We rely on our community for a large portion of our funding, as well as our dedicated volunteers and active board members who work with children.  Current goals of the Foundation include increasing our outreach potential, connecting with local businesses to create partnerships that support Program and advocate needs, and increasing the number of CASA volunteers.

Why Our Work Matters

The CASA Program is a relatively small investment that leverages the time, energy, and compassion of volunteers to bring about real results for abused and neglected children. CASA volunteers help to ensure that children find safe and permanent homes and have access to the services they need in order to succeed.

The Washoe CASA Foundation exists to create opportunities for the community to become more involved and supportive of CASA and in turn, to help children in foster care.

Interested in becoming a Washoe CASA Foundation Board Member?  Please complete and email the below board application to washoecasa@gmail.com.

Board Member Description
Board Member Application

Board of Trustees

Kendra Bertschy, Chair

Deputy Public Defender
Washoe County Public Defender’s Office

Jo Anne Gonzalez, Treasurer

Retired, Vice President

Howard Buchler, Member-at-Large


CASA Volunteer


Susan Nissenbaum, Member-at-Large

Executive Director, CDLC
CASA Volunteer

Jodie Black, Member-at-Large

Retired Washoe County School Teacher

CASA Volunteer

Myra Sheehan, Ex-Officio

CASA Program Attorney

Past Board Members

Amy Saathoff, Candy Borrego, Elisa Ross, Erika Mendoza, Fay Miccile, Franz Braun, Greta Jensen, Helm Lehmann, Jill Greiner, Jenna Dewar, Jill Baty, Joel Barber, Johnye Colling, Kathleen Baker, Kevin Ryan, Meg Kennedy, Michael Kattlemann, Michael Moreno, Mike Antonucci, Myra Sheehan, Nathan Kanute, Nicole Alberti, Pam Alvey, Phil Bushard, Phil Ulibarri, Rayna Brachmann, Ron Luschar, Sharon Zadra, Sheila Leslie, Suzanne Ramos, Torrey Hood