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Procedures for CASAs attending Visits at FEC

Family Engagement Center 905 E Prater Way, Sparks, NV 89434 As you have been made aware, visits at the Family Engagement Center are being conducted with a different approach than has been done in the past. CASA’s who attend visits will be expected to participate in the visits rather than observe and evaluate. This model [...]

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Are you receiving the Washoe CASA Foundation newsletter?

Each month, the Foundation distributes an email to our community supporters.  Our newsletters often highlight key marketing efforts including CASA Volunteer blogs, news and radio spotlights, and other big news.  We love highlighting all of the great work of our CASA Volunteers, the Program, and the Foundation.  Visual samples of the July newsletter are included [...]

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Welcome to the Volunteer Only Website for Washoe CASAs!

Welcome to our Volunteer Only website tab - created just for you, our valued CASA Volunteers.  We hope you enjoy having all of this information right at your fingertips! Have an idea or interested related to the website or content included, we value your suggestions – please reach out at or 775-574-8820   Things [...]

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