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April 2020 – Child Abuse Awareness Month

2020 Child Abuse Prevention Month MAKING THE CHILDREN IN OUR AREA SAFER BY EDUCATING THE PUBLIC, STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS, AND EQUIPPING THE COMMUNITY FOR ACTION. Washoe CASA’s Virtual Pinwheel Garden April is Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Month, a time to act collectively to raise awareness and empower people across the nation to play [...]

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2018 CASA Volunteer Recognition Dinner

The 2018 CASA Volunteer Recognition Dinner was a success!  On September 13th, we spent our night celebrating Washoe County's more than 100 local CASA volunteers. Thanks to Laura Reaney of Reaney Photography for the wonderful pictures we have to share with you. Find some of our favorites below!  We'll see you next year! Programs [...]

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A Very Special Day

I’ve had the privilege of attending a couple of adoption proceedings at the Washoe County Second Judicial Court through my work with both the Washoe CASA Foundation and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judge (NCJFCJ). Seeing the final step in the adoption process is quite emotional (e.g., I’m not crying, you’re crying!). [...]

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Barnes & Noble Reno Delivers Books and Toys to Second Judicial Court Benefiting Foster Care Children

On the heels of the successful Washoe CASA Book-tober Fair held at Barnes & Noble Reno in October benefiting the Washoe CASA Foundation, Barnes & Noble has delivered kindness once again. Barnes & Noble Reno recently provided the Washoe County Second Judicial District Court, Family Division, with books and toys to benefit children and adults attending hearings at [...]

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Justin: A CASA who values protecting the family relationships

Almost ten years ago, Justin obtained legal guardianship of a surrogate family member, a 15-year-old boy who had just lost his mother to cancer, suffered from severe depression, struggled in school, and wanted to live with different relatives. Over the course of two years, through his interactions with this teenager’s guardian ad litem, Justin became [...]

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Allen: There’s always time to be a CASA

Washoe CASA volunteer, Allen, lives an incredibly busy life. He recently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Nevada, Reno, is involved with four different on-campus organizations and works a full-time job. However, despite his hectic schedule, he finds time to volunteer for CASA. CASA has played an important role in Allen’s life. [...]

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Siblings Donate to Washoe CASA Foundation as Their Birthday Wish

Published by Nevada Business: Jackson and Kennedy present a check to board members Greta Jensen, Fay Miccile, Elisa Ross, and Nathan Kanute Recently, members of the Washoe CASA Foundation Board of Directors met with local twins, Jackson and Kennedy Herzog, to graciously thank them for their heartfelt donation. The twins donated gifts that [...]

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Virginia Castleman and the Washoe CASA Book-tober Fair: Kids Just Want to Have Fun

As children, we learn new, critical skills at an alarming pace. It is as children that we learn to understand language, move, and communicate effectively. During this time, the brain is constantly growing and creating new connections that will last for the remainder of a child’s life. Virginia Castleman, a mother and teacher herself, understands [...]

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Virginia Castleman: A Voice for the Foster Care System

As someone who experienced the foster care system, writer Virginia Castleman recognizes the power of guiding figures in a child’s life. Today, Castleman’s novel Sara Lost and Found can be seen in stores around the world. Castleman herself can be found teaching English and writing at Truckee Meadows Community College and working to develop the [...]

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