Family Engagement Center
905 E Prater Way, Sparks, NV 89434

As you have been made aware, visits at the Family Engagement Center are being conducted with a different approach than has been done in the past. CASA’s who attend visits will be expected to participate in the visits rather than observe and evaluate. This model was developed to encourage and empower parents to re-engage in a positive and supportive way in their child’s life. We support this as visitation is one of the strongest predictors of successful reunification. The Family Engagement Center is designed to allow parents to freely choose what activities to do including cooking, eating, playing games, etc. I think you will be impressed with the facility and the new philosophy around visitation.

In order to honor and respect this; please have a conversation with your CASA family before attending their visit at FEC (remember that you will have gotten their attorney’s permission before having this conversation). Give them the chance to let you know if it’s a good time to be part of their visit. Don’t imply that turning you down will reflect poorly in your CASA report. We want to be respectful and accepting of their decision. Be prepared that the parent might tell you that they would prefer that you not attend. If this happens, you can let them know that if a time arises that is a good time, you would appreciate if they would let you know. If the parent says it’s ok to participate in their visit, the next step is for you to contact Jesse Brown at the FEC (information below) with several days’ notice, and let him know that you will be participating in the “Xxxxx” Family visit and that you’ve discussed this with the parents and gotten their ok. Jesse will have a conversation with the assigned “engager” and they will be sure that the family is comfortable with your attendance. If all of this has been cleared, you will be ok to attend the visit. It is a good idea to call that day to be sure that you are on the list to be allowed in.

In talking to the family/parent, ask what the plans are for the visit. Ask how you can participate. Rather than taking the lead, let the parent lead the visit. This is a great opportunity to see parents empowered and at their best. If you have any questions, please contact Viki or I to discuss.

Jesse Brown, LSW

Supervisor: Family Engagement Center, Human Services Agency

Office: 775.352.3230