Published by Nevada Business:

Jackson and Kennedy present a check to board members Greta Jensen, Fay Miccile, Elisa Ross, and Nathan Kanute

Recently, members of the Washoe CASA Foundation Board of Directors met with local twins, Jackson and Kennedy Herzog, to graciously thank them for their heartfelt donation. The twins donated gifts that they collected and assembled to give to the Washoe CASA Foundation to deliver to children in the Washoe County foster care system.

Siblings Jackson and Kennedy enjoy presenting their donation to the Washoe CASA Foundation

Jessica Herzog, the twins’ mother, was inspired by her brother’s efforts to support his local CASA program, and talked to the twins about ways that they can give back to others in the community. The family decided that this year, they would ask all of their birthday party guests to bring gifts for foster children in lieu of birthday presents. Jessica talked to Jackson and Kennedy about local nonprofits, and they chose to donate their birthday presents to the Washoe CASA Foundation, and support local foster youth.

The twins decided that it would be special to use the toys and gifts from their birthday party to make birthday party bins. “We wanted to give kids that don’t have anything gifts so they can go places to buy their own birthday presents,” said Kennedy and Jackson, “and so they can have their own birthday parties.”

Donation and Birthday Boxes

These tubs include party necessities like cake mix, frosting, and decorations as well as toys and gift cards for fun places in the community like Wild Island and the movie theatre. The twins donated 6 birthday tubs, 2 backpacks, and many gift cards for a total amount of $375.

As shown by this creative donation, there are several ways that you can donate to the Washoe CASA Foundation.  The support needed for our local foster youth is limitless; reach out to us to chat about ideas that you have for support by visiting or calling 775-574-8820.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Written by Madisyn Harlan, Washoe CASA Foundation Intern