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Chris: Sharing the need for male volunteers and more outreach

It was clear to Chris when he started training that he was destined to be a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), even though he knew nothing about the organization for the majority of his life. After many informative training sessions, Chris was ready to be appointed to his first case as a CASA volunteer. He [...]

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Lauren: A CASA volunteer’s small acts can make a big difference.

In just a year and a half as a CASA volunteer, Lauren has learned that not every problem can be fixed so easily. Rather, she has discovered what matters most: consistently providing advocacy, direction, and love to each case she handles. “All you have to do to make a difference is to be there for [...]

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Jenna: Advice for volunteers from a seasoned CASA veteran

“The feeling that you get when you are in the courtroom is so incredibly life changing because as a volunteer, you get to witness all of the hard work spent working with this child and often see the hard work result in a wonderful outcome. The Judge looks at you and values you in the [...]

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Aaron: A CASA bringing new life experiences and support to his CASA child.

“This has been a long journey for him -- I have been his assigned his CASA for more than two years, and though the plan is getting him adopted, things take time,” said Aaron, a Washoe County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer. Children without a CASA are often in the system 8 months or [...]

Friends of CASA Spotlight: RockSport Reno gives CASAs and CASA children an opportunity to bond

RockSport Reno gives CASAs and their CASA children an opportunity to bond and build relationships. In order to be an effective advocate, a CASA needs to a build a strong, dependable relationship with their CASA child. This process involves learning about that child’s likes and needs and providing normalcy in the child’s life. One way [...]

Doreen and Brent: The dynamic duo CASA volunteer team.

Doreen and Brent volunteer for CASA as a team, a rarity that not only prepares them for the nuanced challenges all CASA volunteers face, but also enhances the experiences of each case they handle. The husband and wife duo made a clear decision from the start to “w ork as a team,” Doreen said. While [...]

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